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5 MUST OWN Late-Round QB's With HUGE UPSIDE - 2020 Fantasy Football

Hitting on a late round QB that turns into a weekly starter can be a HUGE difference maker for you Fantasy team and your quest to the playoffs and hopefully championship. In fact, we see it every year with players like Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, Matt Ryan, and others. The idea of course behind this methodology is that the goal in fantasy football is that you ideally want to land these players at a good value before their value blows up the following year. And honestly, the QB position might be one of the most relevant for this as it's a very deep group and you consistently have guys that were drafted towards the double digit rounds that finish in the Top 5 for QB scoring. For that reason, today we will share our 5 late-round QB names that you should be targeting in 2020 as they have VERY HIGH ceilings and major scoring potential.

Tom Brady

You guys are probably sick and tired of us saying that the NFC South will be a GOLDMINE for Fantasy Football scoring purposes, but we ABSOLUTELY believe that! In all honesty, we could have included Matt Ryan and Drew Brees on this list too as they are currently undervalued, but we wanted to focus on some later round names so we move onto the GOAT, Tom Brady. Now sure, Brady will be 43 when the season starts, but his age shouldn't be that big of a concern for his fantasy value this year. And yes, Brady probably won't see his value sky rocket next year since his future is hard to predict, but as far as 2020 is concerned the situation is great one! The scary part is that not only is this the best group of offensive weapons Brady has had in his ENTIRE career, but this might also be the best offensive group in the ENTIRE NFL. Last year, the Bucs had two Top 10 WR's in Evans and Godwin and there is no reason why they can't do it again or at least finish in the Top 15. If anything, the main reason that those two WR's might finish lower is just because the Bucs have so many weapons at TE too with Howard, Brate, and Gronkowski. Pair that up with an improved offensive line, playing in the high scoring NFC South and having a HC like Bruce Arians who will give the all clear to Brady to sling it, then it's hard to not fall in love with the upside for Brady this year. On top of all of this, Brady's current ADP isn't all that high as many platforms have him outside of their Top 10 QB's, so we strongly recommend investing in Brady one last time!

Carson Wentz

Wentz was touted by many to be one of the big breakout QB's of the 2019 season, as long as he could just stay healthy. Well, good new and bad news, Wentz did stay healthy but pretty much all of his weapons couldn't! Due to this we saw stretches at the start of the season where he was actually averaging over 20 fantasy points in Weeks 1-4, but then the wheels started to fall off a bit afterwards. On the bright side however, the Eagles decided to focus in on adding even more offensive talent around Wentz this offseason with additions like Marquise Goodwin and Jalen Reagor so depth shouldn't be that big of an issue. In fact, with the emergence of sophomore RB, Miles Sanders, this might be the best group of players Wentz had had around him. Now sure, the loss of Brandon Brooks due to injury on the offensive line hurts the Eagles but we still believe that Wentz can overcome this to some extent with his natural athleticism. Pair this up with a pass heavy offense and a division outside of the Dallas Cowboys that isn't all that scary then you have to like the upside for Wentz. Furthermore, with people maybe a bit shy to invest in Wentz after he didn't blow up last year, you could currently get very good value for an underrated Wentz.

Ben Roethlisberger

Unfortunately, Big Ben saw his season end very early on in 2019 and was a non-factor in terms of Fantasy Football last season. Due to this along with the age of Roethlisberger, the Pittsburgh QB in large part has become an afterthought as far as 2020 Fantasy Football is concerned. But HOLD ON, let's take a look back at the 2018 season where Big Ben finished as the #3 OVERALL QB and lead the ENTIRE NFL in passing yards (even more than MVP Patrick Mahomes)! And yes we realize that Antonio Brown was still on that team at that point in time, but other than that this offense still has a lot of its main pieces intact along with some up and coming talent like Diontae Johnson. Also, let's not forget that the Steelers still have a very strong offensive line with premiere offensive talent like James Conner and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Historically speaking as well, the Steelers have done a very good job at developing young WR's, early on to step up and contribute offensively which is a big reason why so many people are excited about the upside of Johnson. Pair that up with a high octane offense and a very strong defense, the Steelers should have a lot of scoring opportunities in 2020! And even if Big Ben does miss a game or two, his value is so low right now, being drafted in double digit rounds mostly as a backup, that you would be doing yourself a disservice if you don't take a chance on the proven QB.

Daniel Jones

Jones had an up and down rookie year where he was on the bench, then injured before returning to finish the season for the Giants. That along with the fact that Jones is on the Giants probably has a lot of people skipping over him as far as 2020 Fantasy QB options are concerned. But let's slow down a bit because if you look at some of his performances from 2019 you notice several things. Jones had 4 games where he had over 30 fantasy points, he played a large part of the season without his top weapons, and he likes to air out the football a lot! Now consider that with some more experience and with guys like Saquon Barkley, Evan Engram, Sterling Shepard, and Golden Tate around him that this can actually be a somewhat decent offense! And don't get us wrong we're not saying that Jones will be the Lamar of 2020 but you have to like the situation he finds himself in along with how undervalued he is. Because out of all the QB's on this list Jones actually might be the most likely one to go completely undrafted! We think this presents incredible value and especially in positive matchups Daniel Jones can shine and likely won't cost you much if anything at all.

Cam Newton

We have written several articles about Cam Newton after his signing with the New England Patriots, but in case you haven't seen those allow us to take this opportunity to recap. Cam's value has never been lower than it is right now, period! Yes, there are concerns: a lengthy injury history, a new team, and the starting QB job still up for grabs. But let's take a look at what we do know and why you should be excited about Cam in 2020. The Patriots are in a very friendly division with the likes of the Jets and Dolphins, Cam has huge upside due to his rushing ability which when playing a full season has never been less than 585 rushing yards, his weapons in New England are on par with what he had in his MVP season in Carolina (if not better), and he is on a 1-year deal where he is basically playing for his career and the Patriots want to get as much out of him as they possibly can. All of these factors scream UPSIDE along with the fact that Cam is still one of, if not THE MOST, undervalued Fantasy QB's. Many platforms and analysts have Cam outside of their Top 10 maybe even Top 15 QB's but if he stays healthy cam will SHATTER all those expectations easily! For that reason, we say go ahead and invest a speculative pick in Cam who could be the best comparison to the breakout of Lamar Jackson in 2019, with the main difference being that we know Cam already has that ability to begin with!

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